The Restoration of Normality

It may have been apparent to some that I have been absent from my normal blogging schedule for more than a month. As I have stated previously, it is essential to take care of oneself in whatever we do, and this applies in blogging as well. Recently I have gone through some events that haveContinue reading “The Restoration of Normality”

Making ‘Self’ a Priority

In today’s society where many people are taught to put others’ needs before their own, to not be ‘selfish’, and to consider the exterior environment instead of looking internally, it is easy to see how the message of “self” may have gotten lost in translation for many people. I don’t think there is as muchContinue reading “Making ‘Self’ a Priority”

Introversion: The Energy From Within

Introversion has received a lot of negative publicity lately – I recently read a post on reddit stating that introverts are “depressed, unhappy, and antisocial people that hate the world”. This surprised me because I had never seen introversion connected in any way to mental illness before, and it motivated me to do an internetContinue reading “Introversion: The Energy From Within”

The Importance of Storytelling

Stories have been central to human existence since the beginning of time. Even in early human civilizations, this is evident on cave walls. Throughout history, stories are documented in books, movies, and dramatic enactments. But what about our own personal story? We all have one. Parts of it are passed down through the generations, butContinue reading “The Importance of Storytelling”

It Isn’t Always an Excuse

As someone whose ADHD went undiagnosed until the age of 28, I am familiar with the shame involved in excuse-making. Sometimes I was accused of this because of the fact that I have ADHD in general, and other times it was a specific product of it, such as forgetting to go to a doctor’s appointmentContinue reading “It Isn’t Always an Excuse”

Selfishness Versus Self-Awareness

There are so many different ‘self’ words these days that it can be difficult to differentiate between them; the varying aspects of self can get blurred, particularly when influenced by an outside source. There is self-care, self-centered, self-absorbed, self-assured, self-aware, and self-ish to name just a few. With the main focus of all of theseContinue reading “Selfishness Versus Self-Awareness”

Anger Can be a Protagonist

In storytelling, both protagonists and antagonists are essential in plot development. The protagonist works toward the story’s goals, while the antagonist functions as an opposing force. In emotion, things can be similar; in any given personal storyline, emotion can work either in support of, or against the goals of the person telling the story. AngerContinue reading “Anger Can be a Protagonist”

Don’t Panic! Or, Why ‘Calm Down’ Never Works

As a self-proclaimed geek and lover of all things Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy-related, the irony has not escaped me that I am talking about panic today and one of the premises in this series is “Don’t Panic”. Although this phrase may work in fiction, it tends to be less than effective when supporting someoneContinue reading “Don’t Panic! Or, Why ‘Calm Down’ Never Works”

The Intention Behind Social Media

The debate over whether social media is a positive or negative influence is a hot topic these days. On one side of the spectrum, one might argue that it allows us to connect to (and with) a vast number of people over thousands of miles away from each other, which would not have been possibleContinue reading “The Intention Behind Social Media”

Discomfort is a Vulnerability Issue

Experiencing discomfort is not easy – often times, it makes us feel exposed, raw, scrutinized. This is because, in situations where we are ourselves unsure, we end up feeling like our own misgivings are being criticized by others because they can somehow sense that we are incompetent. The truth is, we don’t put off aContinue reading “Discomfort is a Vulnerability Issue”